Apply and Study in the Land of Ideas from an Iranian Standpoint

I am enrolled in the Masters Program English and American studies in Germany since October 2017 at the Chemnitz University of Technology. One day, around 6 years ago, I came to the decision that I would like to migrate and study at a European university. One of the most important custom in my culture is that children live with their parents before marriage and even after that (in some cases). Therefore, after passing the biggest obstacle and getting permission from my family, I got cracking to gain more information regarding migration to Europe and the best country based on my priorities.

In Iran, there are a lot of migration agencies, that can give you a lot of information regarding the future goals and the best destinations for studying abroad. After talking to a lawyer at such an agency, I discovered that German universities are mostly free of charge and cost little in contrast to other European countries. At the beginning of my studies in Iran, I had a voluntary online cooperation with Freiburg university for Inter-cultural differences between Iran and Germany. After that I stayed in touch with my German friends and asked them a lot of questions about Germany and the situation for living and studying. After a while, I found that Germany has the best opportunities for learning, blooming and flourishing ideas.

For studies that last more than 3 months we need a German national visa. This is the most difficult part of the process, and because of political issues between Iran, Europe and United States, this procedure is more difficult and strict for us. This step is done after receiving the german university admission letter and is the last step for flying to Germany before booking a flight.  In addition to all the required documents that we have to present to the German embassy in Tehran depending on the choice of program, we need to present proof of the German language certificate. To emphasize my deep feelings about learning German language I can say it’s about 5 years that I am studying the German language and it is still a long path to be fluent in verbal communication. We have a nice proverb in German that explains the difficulty of this language quite well: “Deutsche Sprache, Schwere Sprache”.

Another challenge is the proof of financial resources around 10,236 € for the first year in a German bank account and other records of our parent’s income and their financial status.

The other significant political parameter to my country is that everyone should proof their will to come back to their country after the graduation. To do so, we have to present a signed letter to the embassy that we will return to our home country as soon as we have finished our studies.

Applying for a German student visa takes a lot of time and energy. Consequently, without enthusiasm and perseverance no one can be successful. From the very beginning to the end and even after migration, you should be strong enough to come through all the failures, difficulties and homesickness.

In the last five years my life was challenging with a lot of new experiences. When I think about the very first days when I decided to study in Germany, all the up and downs, I am smiling and proud of myself. I found a study program, met all the requirements, learned the German language, applied for university admission and with financial support of my family got my German student visa. The most precious experience is my independence; I learned how to live on my own without my family and old friends; how to overcome all difficulties in life and how to be happy and enjoy life even far away from my family and home country.

How about you? Are you crazy about experiencing new and exciting facts of life?

Text: Farzaneh Sharifi
Bild: Rose Kuhn

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